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  • 24 Sep 2015 7:11 PM | Anonymous

    The gut is the gateway to health. If your gut is healthy, chances are that you're in good health. However, there's a condition called leaky gut that can lead to a host of health problems. To quote Hippocrates “All disease begins in the gut".
    What is a leaky gut?
    The gut is naturally permeable to very small molecules in order to absorb vital nutrients. In fact, regulating intestinal permeability is one of the basic functions of the cells that line the intestinal wall. An example is in sensitive people, gluten can cause the gut cells to release a protein that can break apart tight junctions in the intestinal lining. Once these tight junctions get broken apart, you have a leaky gut. When your gut is leaky, toxins, microbes, undigested food particles etc can escape from your intestines and travel throughout your body via your bloodstream. Your immune system marks these "foreign invaders" as pathogens and attacks them. The immune response to these invaders can appear in an array of diseases or conditions.
    What causes a leaky gut?
    The main culprits are foods, infections, and toxins. Gluten, dairy, inflammatory foods such as sugar and excessive alcohol are the usual suspects for a leaky gut. The most common infectious causes are candida overgrowth, intestinal parasites, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Toxins come in the form of medications such as over the counter painkillers, antibiotics, and acid-reducing drugs; and environmental toxins like mercury, pesticides and BPA from plastics. Stress and age may also contribute to a leaky gut.
    10 signs you may have a leaky gut
    If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you may have a leaky gut:

    1. Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
    2. Inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
    3. Seasonal allergies or asthma
    4. Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or PCOS
    5. Autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, psoriasis, or coeliac disease
    6. Chronic fatigue, ME or fibromyalgia
    7. Mood and mind issues such as depression, anxiety, ADD or ADHD
    8. Skin issues such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema
    9. Diagnosis of candida overgrowth
    10. Food allergies or food intolerances.
    How do you heal a leaky gut?
    In my practice, I have my patients follow a Gut Restoration and Healing Protocol which comprises of a comprehensive elimination diet, removing all toxic and inflammatory foods for a certain period of time as well as improving digestive function and healing the leaky gut. The protocol involves a 'removal phase', a 'replace' phase,  a 'reinoculate' phase and lastly a 'repair' phase.
    So if you are experiencing symptoms of a leaky gut, take a positive step towards your health and book an appointment with me for a tailored comprehensive gut protocol to help restore healthy gut function and achieve optimal wellness!
  • 16 Sep 2015 1:56 PM | Deleted user

    The Inner Choices workshop invites you to explore how our ability to be resilient influences health. 

    See how you reaction to adverse events, overthinking. expecting the worst, eating junk/fast convenient food, lacking emotional relief, lacking of fun and laughter and having many unsupportive beliefs is impacting on your health. 

    Many of our behaviours, habits are a result of  pushing down emotions such as sadness, resentment and anger. This creates a chemical environment in our bodies that could be a time bomb and a message to say  "It's time to STOP doing what your doing" 

    Find out how your own levels of resilience are affecting your life at Inner Choices Introduction workshop on Wed 28th October 6.00-8.00pm

    Contact Alison at or 07818 444 290 

    It is important that people are aware of how influential they really can be on their own healing.



  • 10 Sep 2015 2:28 PM | Anonymous

    If you are carrying weight especially on your tummy, hips and thighs, take a look at your hormones. An imbalance can tip the scales, regardless of how well you eat and exercise. Check out my latest wellness tip: Are hormones making you fat?

    The good news is these hormones can be mesaured and balanced. So what are you waiting for?! Book a consultation today! Phone the Ilkley Healing Centre on 01943 602 177. 

  • 03 Sep 2015 9:36 AM | Paul Birch

    Visit the Ilkley Therapists' stand at the Autumn Festival 

    When? On Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2015. Open both days 10am - 5pm

    Where? At the Kings Hall and Winter Gardens, Station Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HB Disabled access available 

    Members of Ilkley Therapists will be there along with other complementary exhibitors covering a wide range of therapies, holistic services and natural products, with a variety of talks and demonstrations taking place throughout the day. 

    For more information visit

  • 20 Aug 2015 11:57 AM | Gwyneth Moss (Administrator)

    Don't miss Kris Ferraro in Ilkley.  

    Gwyneth Moss says: "Kris is inspiring.  Quite simply she gives you permission to be the spiritual being that you are and the result is that you feel better about yourself in a way that lasts"

    19/20th September are "Stop Waiting and Start Living" two days of practical spiritual exercises that uplift and open up to fully living life.

    Kris Ferraro, U.S. EFT expert and energy healer, will show you how to release old patterns that keep you stuck waiting for your real life to begin. THE TIME IS NOW!  And now, more than ever, there are simple, effective, and fast tools that allow you to release the old stories in your energy field and embrace the true you. This is your time to transform and help others to do the same. Be the Super Hero in your own life!

    Combining EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) and Energy Medicine with the wisdom of ancient spiritual principles and practices, Kris will take you on a dynamic journey of self discovery and self love. Come shed the layers of self limiting and sabotaging feelings and behaviors. Leave feeling more connected to life than you knew possible. 

    Both classes include clear instructions combined with hands-on practice. There will be profound group healing experiences throughout the day. 

    Saturday, September 19th includes:

    Opening & Closing Ritual
    Modern shamanic practices
    Integrating the Shadow
    Forgiving the impossible
    Group Healing
    Energy balancing exercises

    Sunday, September 20th includes:

    Opening & Closing Ritual
    Visioning Process
    Manifesting Techniques
    Oneness Tapping
    Meditation that works 
    Group Healing 
    Energy balancing exercise

    Each day is a separate and complete workshop, so attend one or both days.

    More info and tickets

  • 13 Aug 2015 12:08 PM | Sheelagh Dale

    Reiki training at all levels is now being offered by Sheelagh Dale and Jenny Howarth of Ilkley Complementary Therapies.

    REIKI 2 - September 5 and 6 

    Are you attuned and using Reiki 1?
    Promised yourself for a while to move further on your Reiki journey?
    Reiki 2 attunements and training are available locally on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September with Ilkley Complementary Therapies’ Usui Reiki Master Teachers, Sheelagh Dale and Jenny Howarth.
    Two full days of training, including complete manual, all refreshments and lunch on both days, as well as a shared follow up session one month later.
    Cost held at 2014 level of £265 pp.
    Interested? Queries? Send a message for full details to Sheelagh and Jenny via

    REIKI 1 - November 7 and 8
    START YOUR REIKI JOURNEY! Just email for full information on Reiki 1.

  • 12 Aug 2015 3:18 PM | Eileen Mullard

    I am excited as I have been invited to talk about the top myths of mindful meditation! If interested in attending the time is 8-10 Friday 21 August at The Church Hall, Saltaire Methodist Church, Saltaire Road, Shipley, BD18 3HJ Contact Jean for more info at 07981 459967or myself at 

    Check my website for 8 week Mindful Meditation classes at 2 venues starting mid September! Will also hold class for experienced students.

     Check my website at 

  • 06 Aug 2015 3:49 PM | Paul Birch

    Mindfulness Course Sept / Oct 2015

    Hälsa Wellbeing Mindfulness Course: Autumn 2015 - delivered by Paul Birch, NLPtCA Accredited Psychotherapist , UKCP Registered , Dip NLPt, HPD, MNCH (Reg), MNCP.

    6 sessions of up to 1.5 hrs per session.

    From 19.30 pm, on the following dates:

    Wednesdays 16th, 23rd, 30th September

    Wednesdays 7th, 14th, 21st  October

    This will be a closed group, limited to 10 participants.

    Fee for all sessions £72

    Venue : HÄLSA WELLBEING, Unit 6, Chevin Mill, Leeds Road, Otley, LS21 1BT

    What is ‘mindfulness’?

    It is not about relaxation, although you may find yourself feeling more relaxed as a result of being ‘mindful’. It is about ‘being aware’…of being in the present, in the here and now. Our ‘here and now’, our minds, can be occupied about negative things that have happened in the past and things that might happen in the future - things that will not happen in exactly the same way, and things that are probably not going to happen in the future. But in order to make sense of this ‘stuff’ we experience the negative feelings associated with them in the ‘here and now’.

    But none of it is real. Yet, we can experience anxious and depressive negative thoughts and feelings as if it is and often end up having uncomfortable physical feelings in reaction to them ( of course, we can experience really good stuff as well in the same way. we can choose to enjoy those thoughts and feelings ). If you want to learn how to stop paying attention to your ‘critical voice’, be more in tune with the present then mindfulness practice can help.  Thoughts and feelings are always turning up unasked for…it is what we choose to do (or not do ) about them that is important. If we can become ‘mindful’ rather than ‘mind full’ then we can begin to choose how we want to feel and behave.

    This programme of 6 workshops will explain more about Mindfulness and share mindful practices that you can experience and subsequently choose to use beneficially in your personal  and, if relevant, professional lives. Mindfulness practice is used in the NHS and other clinical settings to improve wellbeing, especially in respect of anxiety, depression and pain management.  Based in Ilkley, Paul is an accredited psychotherapist, registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy, and hypnotherapist in local private practice. He also works part time in a private acute mental health unit with in-patient groups and is an authorised therapist with the charity Anxiety UK. 

    How do I book a place? - To reserve your place please book directly with Paul Birch. ,   tel. 07802 622691

    Payment - Payment is due before the course commences in the form of cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Payments should be made directly to Paul Birch.

    For more information about Paul please refer to  If you would like to know more about the programme, please contact Paul on 07802 622 691

  • 14 Jul 2015 1:55 PM | Anonymous

    I'm excited to announce my new website, to pre-launch my  'The Holistic IVF Diet Guide to Making Babies', a book I am writing!

    I am also writing a bonus men's fertility guide, a companion fertility recipe book and script for a powerful visualisation audio CD and download.  Stay tuned!

    Jenny Blondel


  • 01 Jul 2015 9:40 PM | Anonymous

    Are you ready to see your sugar cravings vanish?  Take on board these top tips to end your sugar cravings once and for all.

    1.  Stop eating sugar - sugar is addictive.  Excess sugar (especially white sugar!) depletes important minerals in your body, creates an acidic pH, rots your teeth, stresses your pancreas, feeds candida, fires up inflammation, contributes to hormone problems such as PCOS and other conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer.  What’s more, it can also be a mood depressant and a trigger for anxiety (especially when you hit a low with your blood sugar levels).
    The less you eat it, the less you crave it.  How?  Keep reading....

    2. Balance your diet with adequate protein, good fats and dietary fibre
    -  these will keep you full and keep your blood sugar steady. Have avocado, nuts and coconut oil for healthy fats. Eat lots of veggies for fibre. And have lean meats, eggs, fish and beans for protein.

    3. Go on a detox  – refer back to my Weekly Wellness tip 'Detox this January' for tips on an effective 'express' detox.
    One of the best parts of a detox is that your sugar cravings disappear almost overnight.

    4. Kill candida -you may be craving sugar because of an overgrowth of candida which love to feed on sugar. The way to “starve” the yeast is by not feeding them sugar. Supplements and herbs can also assist in the fight against candida.

    5. Chew your food - digestion starts in the mouth. Digestive enzymes start the process of breaking down starches into sugar. When you cut out processed foods from your diet and chew your food well, you’ll start to
    notice the natural sweetness of fruits, vegetables and even brown rice.

    6. Experiment with superfoods – try cacao (instead of cocoa), maca, lucuma, chia seeds and goji berries (there are plenty more). Get energized from green juice and green smoothies.

    7.  Substitute sugar with ‘healthy’ sweet treats -  like my cacao nib slice, berry protein balls and chocolate mousse made with avocado,frozen banana and cacao!

    8.  Consider supplements - such as chromium, magnesium, vanadium, zinc, alpha lipoic acid and the Auyvedic herb, Gymnema to further curtail your sugar cravings and balance your blood sugar levels.


    Clinic Hours
    I am available for consultations on Mondays and Tuesdays, and one Saturday per month at Ilkley Healing Centre.  For appointments, please phone the clinic on 01943 602 177.

    For updates, health tips, recipes, photos and links, please follow me on facebook

    Yours in health,

    Jenny Blondel N.D

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